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Article: A Short Guide To In-flight Skin Care

A Short Guide To In-flight Skin Care

A Short Guide To In-flight Skin Care

You’ve may have managed to fit your full skincare and haircare routines into your luggage and have edited down your makeup kit (although you know it won’t get much action), but have you considered your in-flight skincare?  Whether you’re headed out on an exciting adventure, or maybe you’re just flying somewhere for work, long haul flights can be rough on your skin. One way to relax and disembark looking refreshed is to give yourself a little plane spa treatment.   


#StayHydrated! The air pressure on the plane is super super drying Continue to hydrate with water and skip the alcohol to combat the dry cabin air. Plane food can be laden with salt and preservatives so you’re best to pack your own replenishing snacks. 


On your next lengthy travel day, kick back and relax by putting on a face mask. Don’t be shy to mask in-flight! Using sheet mask is better because you don't need to worry about exceeding your liquid allowance, results are instant and plus you can take cute plane selfies with your mask!


Please let this be something you already use! Using a thick cream to create a barrier between your skin and the air conditioning on a flight is vital to preventing skin dehydration.


Oils do not moisturize. But, adding a few drops of your favorite non-comeodogenic face oil to your moisturizer or on top of it can help  lock in some much needed moisture.


If you travel frequently, you are aware that the window seat is next best thing after extra leg room! Yet, great power comes great responsibilities, you are 20,000 feet closer to the sun, UV radiation can harm your skin more easily. Both closing the blinds and applying and reapplying sunscreen every two hours [on a day flight] are crucial for keeping your skin!


Just like your face, your body can get dry from traveling, changes in weather, and harsh soaps. To avoid your hands being dry, always have some hand cream in your little travel pouch of liquids, even better is a travel sized body lotion you can use on your feet.


Like the eye area, the lips are one of the first places where you’ll see and feel dryness. A nourishing balm will create a seal over the skin to keep moisture in and deliver rich moisturizing nutrients.

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